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Category: Book Reviews

Before Happiness

By Shawn Achor We all want to be happy! But how do we achieve happiness? I saw a Ted talk by Shawn Achor before I read this book. The Ted talk intrigued me, and I was equally excited when I read his book. Achor is a leader in positive psychology who is capable of bringing […]

Hold Me Tight

by Dr. Sue Johnson This is a very helpful book for couples. Dr Sue Johnson, developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy, has created an approach to help couples recognize unproductive patterns in their communication and to reestablish emotional connection by having several key conversations. By using stories and exercises, the author takes the reader through important […]

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

In his best-selling book, Don Miguel Ruiz discusses some basic self-limiting beliefs that tend to deprive us of joy and may create high levels of anxiety and unnecessary suffering. In working with many adults, adolescents and couples in a therapeutic setting, I believe The Four Agreements proposes an insightful and powerful new way to help […]

The Worry Cure

 This is a very helpful read. I have had several clients read this book and find new coping strategies to help with their symptoms of anxiety. Dr. Robert Leahy describes the difference between productive and unproductive worry, as well as, an evaluation tool that will help you to identify your top three areas of worry. […]

The Cow in the Parking Lot”

Absolutely wonderful. This book is the simplest form of anger management. After leading court ordered anger management for a couple of years and reading several books about anger management, I finally found one that relates to almost everyone. It is quick and simple but it does the trick. You will learn to ask for the […]

The Mindful Couple

I have had good results with both men and women who read this book. It is a helpful tool to building acceptance of your partner and not letting your differences drive you apart. The Mindful Couple: How Acceptance and Mindfulness Can Lead You to the Love You Want by Robyn Walser PhD Permalink: http://amzn.com/1572246170

The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety

This is one of my favorite workbooks. I have had several clients enjoy our work through this book. It helped them identify goals and maintain motivation to fight the anxiety that they live with everyday. It is a great workbook for those who are starting to understand how their anxiety interferes with their life and […]

Radical Acceptance

Great book for those who are looking to build a greater understanding of themselves and find peace and acceptance for who they are. I loved this book and find that it is helpful to use as a prompt for journaling. Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha by Tara Brach Permalink: […]

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