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Adult Therapy

CFC Offers Adult Therapy
CFC Offers Virtual or In-Office Therapy Sessions

Has finding the right therapist felt like a challenge? Has therapy always sounded like a good idea, but you’re not exactly sure how to begin treatment? It can all be a bit overwhelming sometimes! We’re happy to answer your questions & help you incorporate therapy into your routine. 

Here at CFC Therapy Group, every one of our clients is important to us. We appreciate & celebrate individuality, recognizing that each one of you has a unique story to tell. Our treatment plans are crafted with care to make sure the help you recieve is both supportive and efficient. No matter your starting point, our team of experienced therapists will provide therapeutic services that are designed to help you see real results. Our carefully selected team of specialists finds their ultimate purpose in helping you learn, heal, and thrive. The research-supported interventions and evidence-based treatments utilized at our practice provide our clintele with more than just hope.

Our mix of innovative and time-tested practices help you to prepare the tools you need to feel empowered and at peace. We are dedicated to creating an inviting space in which our clients can feel comfortable, yet challenged in the name of personal progress. Authenticity is always encouraged, and we strive to go above and beyond for anyone who walks through our doors. We are proud to have created a safe, reliable space for individuals, families, couples, and children. It is an honor to witness your journeys. We cannot wait to meet you & to welcome you to the CFC family.

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Do you have Questions? We have answers.

Our team is happy to help you explore both options if you’re unclear on which would feel right for you. While for some telehealth is convenient and comfortable, others may find they are more fulfilled speaking to a clinician face-to-face. There is no right or wrong option– only an option that is best for you as an individual.

This concern is completely natural. If you feel you could benefit from therapeutic services, but you aren’t exactly sure what to say– never fear. The therapists on our team are trained to help guide you throughout the therapeutic process, and it is fully collaborative.

Yes! All of our therapists offer self-pay rates. If, for any reason, self-pay is the best option for you, we will be happy to teach you about our payment process.

Talk therapy has been proven effective in helping people identify the reasons behind their symptoms. Through awareness and understanding, individuals can begin to respond differently and make positive changes in their lives. We believe that everyone’s story is important and that by inspiring and encouraging change you will see differences in your life that will impact yourself, others at home, in relationships, at the workplace, and in the community.

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Our office is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood at 1731 N. Marcey Street, Suite 510, Chicago, IL 60614.

We are in the Clybourn Galleria Office Suites above the Trader Joe’s on Clybourn. We are a short walk from the North/Clybourn red line stop and the Armitage brown line stop. To enter the building from Clybourn you will need to enter as you would to go to Trader Joe’s. Once you are in the parking lot across to the set of elevators behind the glass doors by Lexington Homes and take the elevator to the 5th floor. If entering the building from Marcey Street then enter the door code that your therapist will provide you with and take the elevator down the hall to the 5th floor.

We are close to the following landmarks: DePaul, Whole Foods on Kingsbury, Goose Island Brewery, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Patagonia, Lincoln Park High School, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Free parking is available on Wisconsin and Marcey Street. There are paid parking spaces available on Clybourn, and you are free to park in the Trader Joe’s parking lot as well. We just ask that you kindly support Trader Joe’s by purchasing something from their store as a way of saying thank you for the convenience.

What’s the best way to schedule an appointment?

Please call our office at 312-618-4867 or send an email to Hello@cfctherapy.com. Each therapist can be reached directly via email by using his or her first theirname@cfctherapy.com.

Choosing a therapist can seem overwhelming. During an introductory phone call, we can help you select the right therapist. We will review your area of need and pair that with the most skilled therapist on our team. We will also ask questions regarding both positive and negative experiences in past therapeutic relationships. In addition, we can help you understand the theoretical framework behind each therapist and how that is applied in his or her treatment style.

The first session focuses on the particular situation or problem that brings you to therapy. In addition, some background information will be gathered, which will help your therapist to understand the context of your situation and aid in determining our focus and direction. Matters of the fee, payment options, and scheduling will also be worked out in the first session.

The initial session is approximately 60-75 minutes. Sessions that follow are between 50-55 minutes.

It is most common to attend weekly sessions or bi-weekly sessions at the beginning of therapy. However, we will continually check progress to see if it is appropriate to attend less frequently as you are making progress in the therapeutic process. It is important to know that research confirms that consistency in therapy increases success.

You are protected by the privacy laws of Illinois as well as the ethical guidelines of the counseling profession. As your therapist, I cannot discuss anything about you with anyone without your written permission, unless it is a question of safety. During the first session, you will be provided with what is commonly referred to as an Informed Consent Form. You will also be provided information regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). These documents and our discussion will clarify the bounds and limits of confidentiality.

Our providers are here to serve you seven days a week. We offer early morning, afternoon, evening and weekend hours to accommodate our clients’ busy lives and hectic schedules.

We do accept insurance and are considered In-network for BCBS PPO and all BCBS Choice plans. A few of our providers are in network with United and Aetna as well as, Amita HMO’s. You can learn more about your benefits by filling out the benefits verification form under the insurance and fees tab. our billing specialist will send you an email with your benefit details. Please indicate which provider you are scheduled with or that you’d like to see and they will receive a copy of your benefits as well. We will also provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance if you have an out of network plan so that your insurance will reimburse you directly.

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In many cases therapy will create the changes that you are looking for and medication is not needed. However, there are times that medication along with therapy is helpful. Sometimes we just need temporary medication to get us through a difficult time and other times we may need regular medication monitoring due to biological needs. A psychiatrist is trained specifically in psychotropic medication and can help you choose the right medication to help with your symptoms. If you need a recommendation for a psychiatrist we can provide you with a referral.”

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