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Before Happiness

By Shawn Achor

We all want to be happy! But how do we achieve happiness? I saw a Ted talk by Shawn Achor before I read this book. The Ted talk intrigued me, and I was equally excited when I read his book. Achor is a leader in positive psychology who is capable of bringing complex academic research into everyday life. His passion is the study of happiness – discovering what really leads to happiness and also discovering those things that block our way.

In Before Happiness, Achor gives us 5 key methods to better understand how we can create more happiness in our own lives and the lives of those around us. He gives practical advice, anecdotes, and exercises in each chapter. His 5 steps are:
1. Choosing the Most Valuable Reality
2. Mapping Your Success Route
3. Finding Success Accelerants
4. Eliminating Negative Noise
5. Transferring Your Positive Reality to Others.

He emphasizes the importance of where we choose to put our attention, how much social support we build into our lives, and whether we view stress as a challenge rather than a threat. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to find more meaning, achievement and joy in life.

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