teletherapy by telehealthBeginning in March 2020, select therapists at CFC Therapy Group are providing qualifying clients with teletherapy through our secure client portal, TheraNest, a telehealth service.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of video and audio technologies to support virtual services between providers and their clients. For more information on CFC Therapy Group’s telehealth services, and if you are a qualifying client, please visit our blog post for more detailed information to find out if telehealth is the right fit for you. Clients interested in telehealth services must attend two mandatory in-person counseling sessions with your provider to determine your eligibility for this service.

 Technology Requirements for Telehealth Services:

If your provider determines that you are a good candidate for teletherapy services, you will need the following to join an online therapy session:

    A computer, tablet or smartphone with an external/internal microphone and camera

  • A strong internet connection with at least 10 MBps
  • If you’re using a desktop or laptop computer, please use one of the following internet browsers:

If you have questions about online therapy, please speak with your CFC Therapy provider to find out
if they offer telehealth services, or contact our office at (312) 618-4867.

Introducing Telehealth

CFC is proud to announce we are now offering Telehealth therapy sessions. Telehealth is a way to talk with your therapist from the comfort of your home, office or frankly, wherever you chose! While we strongly value our in-person sessions that clinicians offer, we understand our clients have busy lives. We want to make therapy …

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Yes. We take your data security seriously and encrypt all your information by HIPAA standards and are HIPAA compliant. Your data is continually and securely backed up. We use Amazon for Hardware and physical security because they are HIPAA compliant and have to follow many rules and that helps us with compliance. TheraNest does not record or store the audio or video from Telehealth sessions.

No. You’re clients do not have to download anything to securely access their sessions with you. They will be able to join from their phone, tablet, and computer. The Telehealth session windows are fully responsive and will adapt to the screen size of your device.  The program will work through Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari

No. TheraNest does not record or store the audio or video from your Telehealth sessions.

Please contact me about Telehealth Therapy

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