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Book Reviews

Before Happiness

By Shawn Achor We all want to be happy! But how do we achieve happiness? I saw a Ted talk by Shawn Achor before I

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Hold Me Tight

by Dr. Sue Johnson This is a very helpful book for couples. Dr Sue Johnson, developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy, has created an approach to

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The Worry Cure

 This is a very helpful read. I have had several clients read this book and find new coping strategies to help with their symptoms of

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The Cow in the Parking Lot”

Absolutely wonderful. This book is the simplest form of anger management. After leading court ordered anger management for a couple of years and reading several

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The Mindful Couple

I have had good results with both men and women who read this book. It is a helpful tool to building acceptance of your partner

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Radical Acceptance

Great book for those who are looking to build a greater understanding of themselves and find peace and acceptance for who they are. I loved

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