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Couples Therapy

Whether you and your partner struggle with communication, sex, balancing responsibilities, parenting, or struggling to connect emotionally; couples therapy can help you achieve your goals.

Every relationship is different so there is no “one size fits all” approach. Our carefully selected couples therapists at CFC take time to understand your unique relationship history, current struggles, and hopes for the future so that couples can feel confident in their crafted treatment plan. CFC uses research-supported interventions and evidence-based treatment plans to help you and your partner heal and grow. 

Couples therapy will allow each of you to have the space to express your feelings and fears. Therapists can provide alternative ways of communicating so that your partner can really understand where you are coming from. Couples therapists can help you to break unhealthy cycles and replace them with systems that make you feel closer to your partner, in more ways than one. Through the genuine expression of feelings, you will learn how to communicate without arguing, resolve conflicts quicker and with more levity, have fun together, and emerge both as strong individuals and as a couple. 

We also understand that not every relationship is “traditional”. At CFC, we work with and celebrate all kinds of relationships. Our therapists are LGBTQIA2S+, poly, and consensual non-monogamy allies. We understand that each dynamic is unique and important. Rest assured that your relationship therapy sessions at CFC provide a safe and supportive environment for you and your partner(s).

Common Reasons to Reach Out for Couples Work:

  • Differences in Communicating
  • Frequent, Repetitive Arguments
  • Infidelity
  • Need to Increase Trust
  • Parenting Conflicts
  • Emotional Distance
  • Sex and Intimacy Challenges
  • Coping with Addiction
  • Anger & Blaming 
  • Adjusting to Recent Changes in a Relationship
  • Financial Arguments and Stressors
  • Feeling Like You are “Just Roommates”
  • Introduction of a New Partner (Poly, CNM)

Question & Answer:

  • Answer: We can help you find out if your insurance will cover your couples therapy. We also offer self-pay options. For insurance benefits please email a photo of the  front and back of your insurance card, policy owner’s name, and date of birth to Caroylna at hello@cfctherapy.com

Answer: The time in your first session of couples therapy is usually spent by allowing the therapist to get to know you and your partner. The therapist usually comes with questions that they want to ask you so please try not to worry about how to fill the time! They will ask each of you questions about the history of your relationship, your current lifestyles, your communication patterns, your goals for couples therapy, and more. It is helpful to have identified a few of your goals before you come to session. However, if you are not exactly sure what you need, your therapist can help with that too. 

Answer: William Glasser states that changes in your relationship can be made with one person. Start with one of our individual clinicians and do your work. If your partner sees you changing they might be more willing to jump in and not get left behind. Small change is better than no change!

Answer:  This concern is not uncommon & we take it seriously. Rest assured that your relationship therapy sessions at CFC provide a safe and supportive environment for both you and your partner(s). Our therapists are experts in handling these dynamics appropriately and respectfully. Nobody should be made to feel embarrassed for having thoughts and feelings. We understand that each relationship involves each person making choices, having reactions, and having feelings that contribute to the current relationship dynamic. Both parties are just as important and need to feel heard, and both parties are responsible for change. We hope that your sessions will feel safe and balanced for you and your partner.

Answer: This is usually best handled in individual therapy. Couples counselors want to start their work feeling un-biased by one partner’s perspective so that they can best provide a third party perspective. However, our couples counselors do offer consultation calls if you or your partner are feeling skeptical and have questions about the process before booking an appointment. These phone calls are brief (10 mins), involve each partner, and don’t involve starting actual therapy over the phone. So, if you do broach the idea of couples therapy to your partner, they may feel safer knowing that they can talk to the therapist and ask questions beforehand.

Answer: Some couples therapists prefer to meet with each person individually after the initial intake session. This will depend on their approach to couples therapy. If your therapist does think that meeting individually would be useful, they will go over how confidentiality will be handled for the individual sessions. If you think this would be useful for you, please ask your couples therapist about it so that together, you can determine if that would be a useful part of treatment.

Answer: A more general Q & A section can be found in our website menu.

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