Grief Support Group

Preparing for the Holidays

October 21, 2019- December 16, 2019

This group will begin in October and run through the end of November. Our goal is to help each other process feelings of grief and loss as the holidays approach. We hope that as a group we will be able to create and hold space for each other, while creating healthy rituals that will last a lifetime.

Call  815.641.8503

Bereavement Counseling Group

CFC Therapy takes the approach of a six-week group, providing a welcoming environment for persons who have experienced a loss to be part of a community which will allow them to express their grief, learn about the grieving process and work toward moving forward through the grieving process.

Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Learn skills to help manage grief.
  • Learn on-going self-care strategies.
  • Have a safe space in which to share stories and memories of deceased loved ones.
  • Participate in activities and exercises designed to assist in moving through the grieving process.
  • Share resources and ask questions of other group members related to practical issues and concerns.six

Carol Carpenter, LCSW 
Treatment of Depression and Anxiety

Carol is a Licensed is a native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has lived in Chicago for 20 years. Following her graduation from Loyola University Chicago’s School of Social Work, Carol has worked with adults living with depression and anxiety in addition to other mental health issues. Carol brings to her work a drive to assist individuals in reaching their full potential, with a particular emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques.

Carol brings to her work an additional 10 years as a hospital chaplain, which has given her context to be open to individuals from widely different backgrounds and perspectives. Carol believes that change happens in the context of the therapeutic relationship, and strives to develop an open space in which clients can bring any issues they wish to discuss.

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