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Services Offered – Individual Therapy

My work with adults often addresses substance abuse, anger management, divorce, body image, depression, anxiety, and difficulties adjusting to new life situations (e.g., babies, loss of a loved one, moving to a new town, marriage). When helpful, I also use Dream Rehearsal Therapy, a technique of dream visualization that can restore a sense of peace for individuals suffering night terrors, victims of sexual or physical assault, individuals dealing with PTSD, or those grappling with post-military combat.

CFC Offers Virtual or In-Office Therapy Sessions

Adult Therapy

-substance abuse
-anger management
-body image
-anxiety and more...
Adult Therapy Services

Family Therapy

-parent-child conflict
-developing communication
-defiant, anger or isolation
-issues of loss
-learning healthy boundaries
-emotional distance and more...
Family Therapy Services

Couples Therapy

-communication problems
-broken trust
-parenting conflicts
-emotional distance and more...
Couples Therapy Services

Children's Therapy

-behavior modification
-academic trouble
-academic achievement
-depressions and more...
Children Therapy Services

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