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Have We Forgotten How to Ask for Help?

Have We Forgotten How to Ask for Help? A woman wearing glasses sits at a desk biting a pencil while looking at a laptop screen, with colored pencils in a holder on the table.

With the recent uptick in gig workers and the service economy, it seems like everything these days has become monetized. Car rides, meal deliveries, and errand running have all become things we can pay for: many of us no longer have to pick up a family member from the airport, cook a meal for a […]

Jean Taylor – Intern

Jean is Masters of Social Work student at Loyola University of Chicago.  She earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from Northwestern University, and also has a JD from University of Michigan.   Before starting her MSW program, Jean pursued a variety of careers, including practicing law, entrepreneurship, and working in admissions in higher education.  However, through […]

3 Ways to Maintain Social Connection this Summer

3 Ways to Maintain Social Connection this Summer A group of people using their cell phones on social media.

Back in May, the Surgeon General announced a national strategy on social connection, highlighting what many of us know intuitively and feel deep in our bones: staying connected to the world around us is what allows us to thrive physically and mentally, while loneliness and isolation can lead to negative outcomes.  Many of us have […]

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