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Category: ADAM HILL

Polyvagal Theory: Understanding and Mapping Our Own Nervous System

Polyvagal Theory: Understanding and Mapping Our Own Nervous System Woman meditating in a field at sunset.

“Fight, Flight, or Freeze.” Many of us have likely heard this phrase before, but what does it mean? Why do we respond in these ways? And why are we so often told to “take a breath” to help us calm down? While “Fight, Flight, or Freeze” has become a common phrase, what is rarely discussed […]

“Gender, Therapy, & Therapeutic Success:

“Gender, Therapy, & Therapeutic Success: Therapist of a Different Gender

The Value of Working with a Therapist of a Different Gender” Above all, the most important aspect of psychotherapy support is the connection between the patient and therapist. The therapeutic relationship cultivated is key to a patient’s success in managing and/or recovering from their symptoms. Just as is true in the everyday relationships we create […]

Performance-Based Anxieties and Pressures:

Performance-Based Anxieties and Pressures:

What does it all mean and how do we find and maintain balance with them in our personal and professional lives?  Life is fraught with expectations, whether they are placed upon us or are a byproduct of our aspirations, goals, and desires for our lives. With these expectations can come pressure and with pressure can […]

Adam Hill – Intern

Prior to beginning his graduate studies and joining the team at CFC Therapy Group, Adam had been on a path to discover his true passion. Having had a career in musical theatre, while also spending several years working in logistics and transportation, Adam has had wide-ranging career experiences in multiple industries. It is through these […]

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