We are currently accepting new clients for in-person and teletherapy intake sessions.

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Introducing Telehealth

Online therapy sessions

CFC is proud to announce we are now offering Telehealth therapy sessions. Telehealth is a way to talk with your therapist from the comfort of your home, office or frankly, wherever you chose!

While we strongly value our in-person sessions that clinicians offer, we understand our clients have busy lives. We want to make therapy accessible for all! 

Who would benefit from telehealth therapy sessions?

We believe some of the individuals that would utilize this option would be and are not limited to:

New parents: we understand that young children sometimes lead to hectic schedules. Let us help support you virtually during this time! Naptime can be your time. 

College students: sometimes, it can be tricky to navigate a therapy session in the mix of classes, studying, and college events. If you have an hour between classes you have enough time for a therapy session from the location of your choice! 

Individuals with injuries that make it hard to transport: the recovery process is hard enough as is. We do not want this to be a barrier for support and sessions. While you are taking care of yourself physically by treating your body gently, let us help with the emotional component. 

Those that believe it would be beneficial to have the therapist see the inside life: If some of your goals for therapy involve a change in the home environment, it could be beneficial for the work to take place in this setting! 

Working professionals: Work schedules can be unpredictable for some and getting out of work during rush hour and to the therapy, the office can be hectic. This service can help make therapy more accessible. Close your office door and engage in a session from the comfort of your office. Additionally, if you find yourself traveling often for work and wish that you could maintain your sessions, telehealth is the answer you’ve been looking for. 

At CFC we believe the client’s needs are of utmost importance and want to ensure that this service fits your needs! We ask that clients have an initial two sessions in person to establish care before transferring to our online platform. This helps the therapeutic relationship form and helps both parties make sure the service fits the need. 

Our Telehealth therapy service is HIPPA compliant and guarantees the confidentiality of the client. If you have a smart device with a camera, an internet connection, and a desire to live your best life, then this service is for you!

If you are interested in learning more about our new service, we are happy to talk! 

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