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Emmi Barnoski, LCSW

 Individual and Couples Therapist

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience working with diverse populations of various ages, cultures, and backgrounds. I have come to tailor my clinical practice toward assisting clients in discovering their true and unique values that can lead to a life worth living. I combine elements of DBT, CBT, ACT, solution focused therapy, and unified protocol to create specific treatment planning based on each individual client’s needs. I believe that a therapist is but an empathic, nonjudgmental vessel through which clients discover answers for themselves to life’s challenges. I have extensive experience working with eating disorders and substance use disorders, both in a group and individual settings, as well as on issues affecting the family systems connected to these clients. I believe in the healing power of self-acceptance, self-love, and the act of giving to others as ways to empower oneself. I seek to create a safe environment of understanding and self-compassion for all of my clients.

My areas of specialty also include: Eating disorders, Substance abuse disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Codependence, Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Please feel free to contact me directly at emmi@cfctherapy.com

Blogs By Emmi Barnoski, LCSW

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