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Zaynab Hameeduddin – Intern

A woman smiling in front of a tropical leaf backdrop as part of the "Meet the Team" introduction featuring Mayra Iniguez.

Zaynab is excited to join the team at CFC therapy group as an intern. She holds a graduate degree in international health from Johns Hopkins University and prior to entering the mental health space, worked on issues related to violence against women all over the world.

She’s passionate about human connection and helping people be their authentic selves. She’s a pop-culture enthusiast and in her down time loves to make and experience all kinds of art. Currently she is completing her MA in Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University.

Areas of Specialty:

  • Relationships
  • Life transitions/Change
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Personal Growth


Blogs by Zaynab Hameeduddin – Intern
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