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CFC Therapy Testimonials


  • Crystal is an extremely compassionate and dedicated therapist. I have been in contact with her for one year now, and I consider her to be one of the most professional, helpful, and considerate therapists I have ever known -Liz 
  •  The moment Crystal Clair was referred to me … I thought Crystal Clair? As in seeing Crystal CLEAR.. this was a sign! She is VERY reliable, caring and compassionate. She follows up with you when she knows you will be going through something important or difficult such as an interview, discussion with a family member/friend, or just feeling defeated. She helps you set goals and move forward. A great mentor and to me almost seems like a friend. Other therapists I’ve gone to sit and stare at me .. I can have a conversation with her and she can relate. Which helps relieve that sense of loneliness. I’ve recommended her to others and will continue to do so! Marcy M
  • I have only worked with Crystal for six months but during that time she has: taught me coping skills for the stressors in my life, helped me role play personal and work situations so that I can act in calm and professional ways rather than angry or inappropriate ways, and given me ‘homework’ that has caused me to self-reflect and grow as an individual.  She is funny, compassionate, non-judgemental, and knowledgeable about addictions, depression, and anger issues (and probably a lot more besides!). I highly recommend Crystal.  P.S.  I know she has a strong child and adolescent practice but I am a woman in her 50s and find her terrifically effective. -Wendy
  • In a setting for mental health and therapy, CFC Therapy is really helpful and professional. They have an excellent staff that provides care and support. I have had therapy in the past that seemed very sterile and awkward but I can tell that these folks at this clinic really care about what they are doing with their patients.-Bryan S
  • Crystal Clair has been a tremendous resource for our daughter who struggles with OCD. Not only is she a kind, compassionate therapist, she brings a tremendous amount of energy and fun to each session. Our daughter enjoys her appointments with Crystal very much. She has really helped not just our daughter, but our whole family. -Amy
  • Crystal Clair is a honest, polite, and compassionate therapist.  She has the patience,knowledge, and the insight to change your life.  I believe if you have a little bit of determination and will power Crystal can help you as the way she has helped me.  If you need help!  I highly recommend that you should call Crystal and you will hear and feel the welcome in her voice.-Alan
  • Kathy Leahy made my first experience with therapy amazing. I feel totally at ease and comfortable sharing anything with her. She is genuine and caring, and I feel like when we talk she can relate and undersand me. She has helped me with my goals and offered strategies to obtain them. I’ve already seen and felt improvement. I also appreciate how flexible Kathy is with scheduling. You can tell that she loves being there for you and even thinks of you outside of session. I’m thankful and lucky to have this amazing support and outside help from her and I would recommend her to anyone. -Anna
  • We all go through our ups & downs in life. Correct? (If you answered no, than ERRONEOUS) Enter Crystal Clair, mentor/coach/therapist/­cheerleader all wrapped into one. Crystal is an extremely warm and compassionate person who genuinely enjoys listening and helps to culminate experiences into a “how do we move forward” technique. Her approach has been highly successful for me in setting many personal & professional goals. Nice office, flexible schedule, & always quick to respond. Did I mention she runs this whole business on her own? Pretty awesome if you ask me. Look no further, Crystal is it.-Deena
  • After a bad experience with therapy as a teenager, Crystal made me extremely comfortable from my very first visit.  She responds quickly off hours and is extremely compassionate and helpful.  I am very thankful to have found a great therapist who cares so much for her patients. -Mandy
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