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Tackling Valentine’s Day

As the notorious Valentine’s Day rears it’s head some people may notice an increase in their feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Valentine’s Day has a way of bringing into focus where we are in our relationships, which for some, leads to grief or disappointment. 

Can you take back Valentine’s Day and find the childhood joy you once had for making card mailboxes and filling your schoolmates box with cheesy cards and candies (please tell me I am not the only one in this). Can we STILL send letters of appreciation and candy to those worth celebrating? Can we put ourselves on that damn list?!… and save me a reese heart candy, while you’re at it!

To those in a healthy relationship:

Today is a day of gratitude and appreciation. Our life is so busy we sometimes do not have the opportunity to express our love to our partner(s). Take today to reflect on your life with your significant other and make space to share some undisrupted time together. 

To those in a unhealthy relationship: 

Today is a day where you might be overwhelmed with posts of friends in relationships “bragging” about their partner and the appreciation they have for them. Today might be triggering for you as you are forced to sit with the reality that your relationship is not on the track it once was/ you wish it was. Take today to give yourself compassion, maybe even by distancing yourself from social media. Focus on what fuels you and makes you feel love. Can you give this to yourself?

To those who are single: 

Today is a day just like any other day, except the light you might feel that is shining on your relationship status might feel a bit brighter. Are you any different/ less of a person than you were yesterday or will be tomorrow? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Today is a day that is designed to highlight love and relationships. Do you still have love and (non romantic) relationships in your life that you feel grateful for? Is there a way to put focus onto these people? And, equally (if not more importantly) on to yourself?

I challenge you to focus on the love that is present this Valentine’s Day rather than fixate on the love that is absent. Yes, easier said than done, but once we practice this way of thinking we are training ourselves to lean into love. 

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