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Answers to commonly asked therapy questions

 What is your location?

Q. What is your location?
A. My Chicago office is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood at   1808 N. Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60614.
My Northfield office is located at 495 Central Avenue, Suite 203  Northfield, IL 60093

Q. Is there parking?
A. Free parking is available at my Chicago office in the back of the building off Willow.

Q. What’s the best way to schedule an appointment?
A. You may call 312-618-4867 or send an email to Crystal@cfctherapy.com. If you call simply leave a message with your name and number.  Your call or email will be returned promptly.

Q. What happens durring our initial session?
A.  The first session focuses on the particular situation or problem that brings you to therapy. In addition, some background information will be gathered, which will help me understand the context of your situation and aid in determining our focus and direction. Matters of fee, payment options, and scheduling will also be worked out in the first session.

Q. How long is a session?
A. The initial session is approximately 60-75 minutes. Sessions that follow are between 45-50 minutes. Couple’s sessions may be a little longer if needed.

Q. How often do we meet?
A. It is most common to attend weekly sessions or bi-weekly sessions at the beginning of therapy. However, we will continually check progress to see if it may be a appropriate to attend less later in the therapeutic process. It is important to know that research confirms that consistency in therapy increases success.

Q. Are sessions confidential?
A. You are protected by the privacy laws of Illinois as well as the ethical guidelines of the counseling profession. As your therapist, I cannot discuss anything about you with anyone without your written permission, unless it is a question of safety. During the first session you will be provided with what is commonly referred to as an Informed Consent Form. You will also be provided information regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (hipaa). These documents and our discussion will clarify the bounds and limits of confidentiality.

Q. Do you have times available other than week days?
A. Currently I see clients Monday-Saturday.

Q. Do you have a sliding scale or do you take insurance?
A. I do accept insurance and you can find out if I am a provider in or out of your network by contacting your insurance company. I also accept self-pay clients on a sliding scale based on your individual needs at the time. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Q. What is the difference between meeting with a therapist and a psychiatrist?
A. In many cases medication is not needed. However, there are times that medication along with therapy is helpful. When meeting with a therapist, talking and making life changes can help your current situation. However, you may want to meet with a psychiatrist as they are certified to prescribe and monitor medication. If you decide to meet with a psychiatrist, we can then discuss their recommendations and find what will work best for you. I can also provide you with referral information to the psychiatrists that I know in your area.

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