Perinatal, Mood, & Anxiety Disorders Resource List

You are not alone, You are not to blame, With help, you WILL be better

Local providers:Websites:Books:
Dr Emily Linder-herbal and PCP
Down Came the Rain by Brooke Shields
Jasmine J-Oils
Birthing a New Brain by Dyane Harwood
What am I Thinking-Having Another Baby after Postpartum by Karen Klinman
Shiralee Patel-holistic physical therapist Mom and
Dr Kara
Dr Sara
TMS-northwestern and linden
Lisa Zimmerman-lactation consultant
Morgan-massage therapist 773-370-2939
PHP for PMAD-Ameda at Hoffman estate
St. Alexis-PMAD Day tax program
YouTube videos:Help/Warm Lines:Podcast:
Grande PlanetNorthshore Mom’s HotlineMom and mind
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