We are currently accepting new clients for in-person and teletherapy intake sessions.

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Need Some Help During This Trying Time?

It goes without saying that 2020 has thrown some curveballs in our direction. While we like to feel prepared for life’s events, it felt nearly impossible to feel completely prepared for the changes our society is faced with when navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We recognize that during this time, the levels of anxiety most people feel is elevated. We also are aware that aspects of life we once took for granted are no longer available. We are unable to perform some of the daily tasks we are so used to, and for many, that includes work. 

The nation’s unemployment rate is extremely high right now. We recognize that our fellow Chicagoans are no exception to these numbers. To no fault of many employees, their jobs have been forced into positions where they can no longer afford to keep all of the staff on site. Companies have been closing due to the change in business and suddenly, another stressor is presented to many individuals across the nation. This leaves many individuals and families in yet another stressful position, unemployment. As a Chicago based therapy group, we aim to be there for our community during this uncertain time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a difficult market and we at CFC Therapy Group understand what you are going through. We recognize that this time is extremely stressful and want to make sure unemployed Chicagoans are able to find a therapist to support them. We will be offering a discounted sliding scale rate for our teletherapy sessions. We do not want finances to be a barrier for you to receive therapy.

For more information on this rate and details pertaining to this offer click here.

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