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I Can’t Make a Decision, What if I Make the Wrong One?

Welcome to 2020, where more likely than not, you’ve experienced FOBO (fear of better options). This feeling causes us to question our natural instincts and leads us to feelings of anxiety and fear. The terror that we could make a ‘wrong’ choice paralyzes us and in response, we sit in indecisiveness

This fear can exist for a variety of reasons. We exist in an age of maximization. We long to have experiences that meet, and exceed expectations of ourselves and others. We are concerned that if we chose option A over option B, we are giving up any potential to explore outside option A. Or worst, we worry that one wrong step will result in a spiral of unfortunate events. So, we analyze every path we can go down and play out the many scenarios in our mind.  The reality of this concern is one that we are all aware of, yet, somehow believe we are the exception to. We will never be able to examine, and fully understand, every possible option we have before making any decision. If we think too much about our options, sometimes the choice is no longer available to us.

So, how do you learn to trust yourself in making decisions?

The root of the problem is just that- the lack of trust you have in your own judgement. How do you view this decision impacting your life? Is it really about ’not caring what movie you see’ with friends or is it rooted from the fear of disappointing them? More likely than not, when we look into the reasons behind our indecisiveness, we will find our true fear and insecurity. Are we afraid of failure, disappointment, isolation, or potentially death? Making choices daily will help you trust your own decision making processes, and build that esteem back that you ARE able to choose what is best for you. Oftentimes, it is scary to sit with those thoughts. It is easier to not choose anything than potentially face our fear. Do you trust yourself to face that fear? If your friends were to truly isolate you due to a horrible movie you suggested, do you believe you would be able to navigate your life from that point? Sometimes, when we live out our fears in our head, we recognize that we can get through it!

It is impossible to navigate each and every option available before making a single decision. Try not to fixate on doing life perfectly and instead aim to simply live your life.

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