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How to Make your New Year Resolution STICK

Every year as the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, we take a moment to reflect on the last 365 days and make a promise to better ourselves for the year ahead. But, as the months go by, we often find that we get in our own way of completing those resolutions. These 5 tips will help ensure that you crush those resolutions in this new year that lies ahead.

1. Make a WHY

Ask yourself the reason behind your resolution. And once you have your ‘why’ ask yourself ‘why’ again. For example
Q: Why do I want to lose weight?
A: Because I want to feel good in my body.
Q: Why do I want to feel good in my body?
A: Because I am not confident in my skin.
And so on and so forth. When asking the WHY, you are able to dig into the real problems that you are trying to solve. Do you want to work on your weight or your confidence? Would that solution solve the underlying problem? Only you can assess this.

2. Write it down

Let’s be completely honest for a second. Do you even remember your New Year’s resolution? Me neither…
If you write something down in a place where you look at it daily, your reminder is in your face. You are more likely to stick to any resolution when you remember what you want, and of course, WHY.

3. Have an accountability buddy

Sharing your goal and reason with another person helps you hold yourself accountable. You can talk to your partner, roommate, friend, therapist, coworker and/or family member and let them know what it is you are working on. They can help remind you of your goals in moments where you feel unmotivated to continue the changes you are making for yourself.

4. Make baby steps

Find your goal then break it down into bite-sized pieces. The easier to chew, the easier to do. If your resolution is to save more money, how can you break that down into achievable, and concrete steps? Maybe your first step is assessing your current savings and spending pattern. Then potentially creating a budget and check-ins. Maybe it’s eliminating some excess spending that does not seem necessary at this time.
These baby steps help the end goal feel achievable and not so out of reach. Each little step is a mini victory, and should be celebrated as such!

5. Be kind to yourself

Spoiler alert!!! In the upcoming year, there will be times where your day does not go according to plan. That is ok! You are human. Forgive yourself for those moments and do not beat yourself up for any slip up that will occur. Once again, understand the WHY behind what happened. Maybe you needed extra sleep and didn’t make it to your workout class. Maybe that designer shoe was just perfect for your new job. Maybe you canceled your plans because you were just so exhausted from the week, or NetFlix just came out with a new series you’re so exciting to watch. Whatever your reason for the slip, recognize it and acknowledge that it is a singular moment. It does not ruin you nor your progress. Allow yourself these moments as restriction leads to deprivation and creates a nasty cycle.

Whatever your resolution is this coming year, the therapists of CFC Therapy Group are here to help you on your journey.
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