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Going from SLOW to GO!

Kids enjoying life

As vaccines roll out by the thousands, the days are getting longer, and hope feels more tangible than ever….How do we keep the balanced life? 

For a lot of families and couples this slow down period has been a blessing in disguise. This is not to say that it hasn’t been difficult in a million weird and unexpected ways. It has. However, not having to go to playdates, attend birthday parties, and uber children to multiple afterschool activities has allowed for more time together. I know for my family we now have a standing Friday night pizza and movie date which we all really look forward to. So how will we remember to just relax and play when the world will catch up quickly. 

Don’t think of this as making up for lost time

Time was not lost, it was slowed down. There is no need to go full speed. List the activities that each member of your family would like to do and only commit to 1-2 at a time. Same idea for summer camp…keep in mind that kiddos are used to having down time so we don’t want to overwhelm them by booking every week. Just because we can, doesn’t mean that it’s the best option for our family. 

Keep at least 2 days/nights free of activities

Preferably one weekend morning so that you can sleep in (if all the stars align). It is also nice to wake up and not have to run off to something. I find that on Saturday morning my children are excited for the weekend and looking forward to playing and using their imagination for the things that they wish they could have done while in school. This also leaves room for spontaneity. 

Take turns

I know that my husband and I felt that we had to both attend birthday parties because it was a social event for us but in the end we would be exhausted. One idea we’ve had since is to take turns with parties and activities. We also take turns working out, cooking, and cleaning.

Make time for yourself

Pick something that brings you joy….and do it! For me it was to take a pilates teacher training course so that I can learn and do something new. Another thing my partner and I do is that if I have plans to work out on a Saturday then we make a plan for him to work out on Sunday. If you make time for yourself, you are more likely to help others make time for themselves as well. 

Be aware of the new social anxiety

I am finding with myself and a lot of my clients there is a sense of feeling awkward in social situations. Questioning the conversations when you get home and thinking that you talked too much ARE normal. We haven’t been socializing the way that we were used to. It might take time to find our groove and make new friends as adults and this is a good reminder that our kiddos might struggle with this also. Ease back into life with one activity at a time and don’t forget that no is still an acceptable answer. 

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