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Communication-Encouraging, School-Related Scripts for Parents & Guardians. 

school and communication

An Unfortunate School-Related Truth: Sometimes, our kiddos will end up spending time around school staff members that discipline or supervise in ways we don’t practice, support, or encourage at home. While some people feel authoritarian-ish styles build character— the research says otherwise. Children often really need our help when it comes to processing certain pieces of their school experiences. At home, it’s important that parents and guardians encourage authentic and healthy communication about school. 

Here are a few examples of things you (guardians/parents) may want to discuss with your little ones. These challenges are quite common. If you’d like more help after reading these scripts, school/self-advocacy support is also available at CFC Therapy Group for both guardians/parents & students. These scripts can be tailored to the unique style of the child’s parents/guardians. 

  1. “Once in a while, everyone makes a mistake at school. I remember I once got in trouble for (**insert true story**). While we all try our hardest not to ‘mess up’, it’s bound to happen. I want you to feel comfortable talking about it with me if something occurs during the school day. Sometimes, there are consequences & that is part of life. Other times, there are communication misunderstandings that adults can help solve. If something ever comes up & you want to talk, let me know, okay?”
  2. “You are always allowed to use the bathroom at school if you have to. Emergency or not, it’s important that we listen to our bodies. You are also allowed to drink water whenever you are thirsty. If any adult at school tells you that you cannot, make sure you let me know. It’s important that we always ask our teacher for permission to use the bathroom so that an adult knows where we’re going & knows that we are safe. That being said, when you ask, no one should keep you from using the bathroom if you need to go. Does that make sense? I am encouraging you to use the bathroom when you need to.”
  3. “Adults feel big emotions just like kids do! Not all adults are experts at expressing themselves. Sometimes, adults may make mistakes & say things that hurt our feelings. If an adult at school says something that feels unkind, let me know so that we can talk about it. Everyone deserves to be spoken to respectfully, and it can really feel bad when an adult seems angry with you. It can sometimes help if you talk to a trusted adult about what happened. Healthy communication isn’t always easy. I’m always here for you!”

The above scripts are just the beginning. It’s important that we are teaching healthy self-expression and encouraging our kiddos to advocate for themselves. Many parents find it difficult to find the right words when speaking to their children about topics such as these. At CFC, we will always keep encouraging you to speak to your kiddos like you’d speak to someone more grown (within reason of course). Speaking openly & using big words related to boundaries, communication, and mental health will help your child’s vocabulary develop to a point where they are more ready to advocate for themselves. It’s surprising & wonderful how much more children understand than we sometimes think they do. If, after reading this blog, you have more ideas for scripts you’d like to see, reach out & let us know! 

Erika Koch-Weser

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