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CFC offers medical evaluations to determine clearance for bariatric surgery

medical evaluations to determine clearance for bariatric surgery

Many people struggle with weight and efforts to lose weight on their own. This past year has added another variable to complicate the matter including isolation, decreased ability to engage in previous forms of physical activity, and food as a way to cope and soothe oneself due to stress.

There are many options to help lose weight including behavior modification such as nutrition and exercise. However, some individuals continue to struggle despite their best efforts. Difficulties with weight affect mood, self esteem, physical and spiritual health and can exacerbate medical conditions. 

CFC offers medical evaluations to determine clearance for bariatric surgery administered by Dr. Kathryn Schreck. If you have been contemplating this option and have consulted with your physician to determine if bariatric surgery is appropriate for you and your needs, we provide help with a step in the process. Medical evaluations include a clinical interview and assessments for surgery so you can prepare and maintain lifestyle changes that accompany surgical intervention to weight loss. CFC will also help you find a therapist to help you with any challenges or barriers to weight loss goals as well as interventions to help you maintain weight loss behaviors and goals post-surgery. 

Most medical evaluation for surgery clearance are covered by insurance and CFC also offers a self pay rate starting at $800 which includes a clinical interview, assessments, behavioral interventions to get you started on your weight loss journey, and a medical report to provide to your physician when you are ready!

For more information please contact CFC therapy at 312-618-4867

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