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Can you be ok where you are and motivated to be more?

Quarantine. A time to sit and reflect on where you are and where you want to be. A unique opportunity to sit with ourselves and dig a bit deeper and understand our thoughts a bit clearer. 

What do I crave? 

Can we be happy and proud of where I am and still aspire to be more and do more? 


 The goal is to grow.

 Arguably, the goal is to seek discomfort as much as we can— there is no growth in the comfort zone, and there is no comfort in the growth zone. 

We can be happy AND know we are capable of more. 

We can be proud of ourselves AND recognize we can do bigger things.

The goal is to avoid complete compliance.  No, that does not suggest breaking all the rules and discount others options. It simply suggests that stagnation takes us nowhere. How can we use stillness as a motivator instead of a setback WHILE feeling happy with where you are?

You tell me.

It is argued that happiness is the ‘goal’ and our lives are dedicated toward finding it. 

What happens when we find happiness when we are 25 years old?

 Are we going to cross that off our grand “to-do” list and never set a new goal for ourselves? 

I hope not!

Happiness is not a destination nor a goal. Happiness can be a choice. 

We can choose happiness while recognizing we have a lot to figure out still.

We can choose happiness while knowing that I am far from where I want to be but even further than where I was.

Happiness can be excitement in recognizing all that is ahead to do. 

And happiness can be understanding that where we are right now is all we get, so we might as well take a breath and make it the best moment with ourselves it can be.

For we can chase bigger things, and we can still find peace in the pursuit. 

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