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The Importance of Date Night

How do you like to spend your date nights? Dinner and a movie? Cocktails and dancing? Netflix and chill? Whatever your preference, these moments together have a far greater impact on your relationship than you might think! If you aren’t currently implementing a weekly date night, here are a few reasons why adding them to your routine can make all the difference.

Now more than ever our lives can feel hectic or unbalanced. It can feel difficult (or sometimes impossible) to find the time, money, or child care that you need to get a little quality time with your sweetie. But I am hoping to show you how prioritizing date night is worth the investment for the both of you. Date nights are not only fun and relaxing but are linked to long-term relationships and health benefits!

Here are my top 4 reasons why date night should be at the top of your priority list

  1. Date nights demonstrate commitment to one another. When you make plans for date night and KEEP THEM despite all of the other things you could be doing, you are showing your partner that you are committed to them and to your relationship. When you say no to finishing a work project and yes to your partner, you are building a solid foundation of trust, commitment, and positivity. Choose one another and you are bound to feel a stronger connection. 
  2. Date nights make space for communication. Does it feel like you spend more time talking to your co-workers than to your partner? You probably are! Making time for date night allows for uninterrupted, focused, quality communication with your partner. You can talk about your day, your goals, your memories, or how tasty your dinner is! No matter the topic of conversation, this is your opportunity to make eye contact, show your empathy, and share your life with one another. 
  3. Date night can keep your relationship exciting. I don’t mean to imply that you have to go sky-diving or cave-jumping every Wednesday night. What I do want to stress is that date nights can be your opportunity to find novelty and adventure together. In fact, research is showing that novelty is one of the most important qualities that a date night should have! We don’t want to feel stuck in the same routine and make date night just another ‘obligation”. Play a new board game, try a new restaurant, get your hearts pumping with a go-kart ride (or sex!). If you can be adventurous and play together you can fight against any feelings of stagnancy in your relationship.
  4. Date nights can lead to health benefits. That’s right. Date nights are good for your health. Harvard researchers have found that the number one predictor of health and longevity is how happy we feel in our relationships. Focusing on building love in your relationships can lead to less depression and anxiety, a stronger immune system, faster healing, lower blood pressure, better pain management, and higher stress tolerance. It is safe to say that increasing quality time with the one you love also increases your quality of life.

It can be so easy to find excuses to skip these moments. Please remember that they don’t have to cost a lot of money or take up hours of your time. Quality time can be free and simple and still help you reap all of the benefits. Worried about skipping bedtime with your little one to go to dinner? It is totally understandable to want to prioritize your child’s routine. But please remember that when you prioritize your relationship with your partner, you are bringing all of the benefits into your household and modeling positive relationship communication and behaviors for your children. When love is watered, it blooms for everyone.

So, when is your next date night?

Date Night Ideas: 




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