Lets Dine together

This group is designed to help people with disordered eating, and how to manage the challenges that come with meals. 

In an open and accepting environment, people can discuss uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and urges associated with eating a healthy, balanced meal. 
This group can serve as a bridge between higher levels of care and outpatient treatment, or can be used as an add-on support at any stage throughout recovery.
This group is led by a therapist with extensive experience treating eating disorders. 

Emmi Barnoski, LCSW

Treatment of Depression and Anxiety

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with ten years of experience working with diverse populations of various ages, cultures, and backgrounds. I have come to tailor my clinical practice toward assisting clients in discovering their true and unique values that can lead to a life worth living. I combine elements of DBT, CBT, ACT, solution focused therapy, and unified protocol to create specific treatment planning based on each individual client’s needs. I believe that a therapist is but an empathic, nonjudgmental vessel through which clients discover answers for themselves to life’s challenges. I have extensive experience working with eating disorders and substance use disorders, both in a group and individual settings, as well as on issues affecting the family systems connected to these clients. I believe in the healing power of self-acceptance, self-love, and the act of giving to others as ways to empower oneself. I seek to create a safe environment of understanding and self-compassion for all of my clients.

My areas of specialty also include: Eating disorders, Substance abuse disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Codependence, Dialectical Behavior Therapy

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