Joanna Gould

Joanna understands that the world of therapy can be intimidating and overwhelming to some. She makes an effort to help each client feel safe and understood by tailoring each session to the clients specific needs.

The power of therapy is in a large part about the connection between therapist and client and Joanna aims to provide the proper support to each client that walks through her door.
Joanna has a deep love for the mind-body relationship and is fascinated how the two interconnect. She has previous experience working at a clinic that specialized in approaches to overcoming psychogenic, chronic pain where she worked with individuals experiencing debilitating somatic symptoms and helped them work past the pain signals to recognize the deeper significance of the symptoms. 
Additionally, Joanna has a background in working with children and adolescents as she helps them in navigating some of their most transformative years.
Joanna uses a variety of therapeutic approaches and tailors each session to meet her clients specific needs. Ultimately, Joanna believes that with proper support, education, and empowerment, change and healing are inevitable.


Counseling Specialties:

  •  Individual therapy
  •  Child and adolescent therapy
  • Play therapy
  •  Life Transitions
  • Anxiety and depression 
  • Psychogenic & Chronic Pain
Blogs By Joanna Gould

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