Dr. Kathryn Schreck, PsyD

Being true to who you are is a lifelong journey…and not an easy one. Dr. Kathryn Schreck brings together evidence-based therapies and highly personalized treatment to help her clients navigate challenges and realize change.

From Day One, she teams up with clients to deliver the best possible care. Dr. Schreck starts with a thorough clinical assessment to understand what’s going on at an emotional, neurological, and biological level. A specialist in psychological and psychoeducational testing, she also offers individualized evaluations in supportive environment to clarify diagnoses and tailor treatment.

Dr. Schreck uses a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy. She works with adolescents, couples, families, and adults, including domestic violence survivors and LGBTQ clients. She has advanced training in eating disorders, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and PTSD.

Read on to get to know Dr. Schreck (Dr. Katy as we like to call her)— or email her to set up an appointment. kathryn@cfctherapy.com

What do you want for your clients?

Hope. Comfort. Relief. Motivation to get beyond where they are to where they wish to be.

How do you build trust with a client?

Making them feel comfortable. Being very understanding. Providing a safe environment where people can be open and vulnerable. Meeting them where they’re at—and pushing them a little bit further. Tracking progress together so they can really see where they’ve made change.

What led you to this work?

I was a psychology major in undergrad, then went to the United Nations School to do gender studies and international human rights. By the end, I was drawn to advocacy work on a more individual level, so I earned my psychology doctorate and it’s been a perfect fit.

What do you do in your free time?

Reading. Writing poetry and short stories. Making art, mostly charcoal and pencil drawing. I love the outdoors: the beach, playing volleyball, sunshine all the time. I came from Miami, so Chicago winters can be hard! Family is also very important to me.

Book you’ve read over and over

She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb.

Favorite Ted Talk

“Teach girls bravery, not perfection,” from Reshma Sauiani, the founder of Girls Who Code. She talks about the societal messages given to girls versus boys and how that needs to change.

Best advice

It’s all about loving who you are. If there are things that need to change, it’s about thinking about how you can use what you already have—and reaching out to the people around you—to love yourself even more.

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