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CFC Therapy Group is delighted to announce a new service, Blueprint, that select therapists are providing in therapy sessions.  If you have been to therapy, you are most likely familiar with the question, “How has your week been since we last met?” And, for some reason, as soon as you enter those office doors, sometimes those memories suddenly disappear. 

“Did I practice implementing the strategies my therapist suggested I try?”, “ How did I sleep?”, “Did I take time to take care of my own needs?” Suddenly, these simple questions seem impossible to recall. 

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This service allows clients and therapists
to collect and analyze client data.

For example, through this system therapists will be able to assign tasks and areas of tracking for clients to monitor outside of their session. Clients will be able to track symptoms such as level of anxiety, sleep, catastrophizing thoughts, pain, and multiple other occurring symptoms.

 Clients will be invited to complete various standardized assessments through this system as well, such as eating habits, depression scales, general anxiety disorder measures, coping strategies, and obsessive compulsive inventories, to just name a few. 

The client will be guided to questionnaires to complete via the Blueprint Health application, and their therapist will be able to access this information upon completion. Using the data that is collected, therapists will be able to make the most informed decisions for care and treatment. 

We are lucky to have access to this amazing technology that allows for us to look so closely into how we operate daily, and how this impacts our mental health. This tool allows for access to track, analyze, and reflect on how each area measured compiles into how you present. 

Blueprints Clinical Director,  Dr. Russell DuBois, PhD, states, “technology can and should have a place in the therapy office. In particular…” CFC is extremely excited to partner with Blueprint Health.

To learn more about this service, schedule an appointment with a CFC therapist and ask about integrating Blueprint into your treatment (! 

Do you have questions about Blueprint Health please contact us 

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