Bernard de Wet, LPC

Individual and Couple Counseling

My name is Bernard de Wet, and I am a born and raised South African. In 2007, my family and I moved to Doha, Qatar where I began school in the American schooling system. After graduating high school I moved to Mount Vernon, Iowa to pursue my bachelor’s degree in psychology and biology at Cornell College. After graduation in 2014, I moved back to Cape Town, South Africa, where I worked as an educational biofeedback therapist helping children, adolescents, and adults living with AD(H)D to improve their concentration, memory, focus, and attention. In 2015, I attended The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where I received my Master’s degree with a concentration in marriage and family therapy.

While in grad school I worked as a lead facilitator with at-risk youth in the Chicago area to promote empowerment, teach coping and problem-solving skills, and raise awareness to bullying/cyberbullying. At the same time, I completed my internship as a mental health professional at Anixter Center where I am currently working full-time as a mental health specialist in both group and individual settings.

I am excited to be working evenings/weekends here at CFC Therapy Group. It is my passion to help people grow identifying the things that used to be holding them back. I enjoy working with all groups of people: children, adolescents, and adults in any relationship such as couples, families, or individually. My approach to counseling and therapy is through a combined lens of cognitive behavioral therapy and client-centered therapy. In sessions, we focus on exploring stressors and coping strategies, how to effectively set positive goals to overcome obstacles, and how one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are related and connected. Similarly, clients are encouraged to express themselves within the warm and comforting therapy space, while making progress to achieve solutions. As a counseling therapist, my view is empathic and supportive, while providing unconditional positive regard, to any matters that are brought into therapy. I empower and guide clients to become the change they want to be.

My areas of specialty are empowerment, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, identity and cultural diversity. 

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