What learning to swim at 38 taught me about my kids

You read that right. I’m 38 years old and just took swim lessons. Let’s start from the beginning. While I took a few classes at age five, learning to float and dive for rings, I never felt truly comfortable or at ease in the water. For years, it’s been my dirty little secret, something you […]

How phobias impact us and some strategies to combat them

What are phobias? Phobias are considered to be an extreme or irrational fear of someone or something. Phobias can yield a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety over a person that can possibly cause the person to simulate mental, emotional and in some cases a form of physical paralysis. It can cause the individual to […]

The Social Media Cleanse: A Harm Reduction Approach To The Use Social Media

Don’t let the title freak you out! I am not proposing that you put your phone on lockdown for the next 2 weeks (although your brain would probably thank you). What I do want you to do is think about the way that your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc. make you feel. Do you feel excited […]

How do I love my body?

The body positivity movement is HERE, yet, it is easier said than done to hop on this train. How can you switch your mindset from being critical of body to having confidence in yourself? Boosting one’s self-confidence is a sure way to decrease levels of anxiety, depression, and potential deconstructive habits.  By following these tips, […]

Play Therapy: It’s More Than Just Child’s Play

The concept of Play Therapy may sound unconventional to some, but in reality Play Therapy is one of the most used and beneficial forms of therapy to help children overcome whatever problems they are facing.  While most teenagers and adults are able to verbally communicate their troubles.  A child may find it difficult to open […]

The Truth About Social Media

With the large influence social media plays in most people’s daily lives, it is no wonder why we are stuck comparing ourselves to our peers, and even those we do not personally know.  Social media gives individuals an outlet to post ones’ own successes and adventures and frankly, glorify one’s’ life for content viewers to […]

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