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Debby Spertus – LSW

You are ready to make a change. Feelings or thoughts that you may have tried to avoid, or recent painful experiences can be painful and scary. Through collaborative work, we’ll delve into these behaviors and uncover the path to positive change. I approach my practice without judgement, with an open mind and a deep sense […]

Dona Clair – LMFT

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the fast pace of our world today? Could you use acompassionate, understanding ear? Then therapy is a gift you can give yourself! I was drawn to become a therapist because I love to help and encourage others. I know firsthand the relief and comfort it is to have someone encouraging […]

5 Ways to Make New Friends in our 20s and 30s

5 Ways to Make New Friends in our 20s and 30s A man on a bike finds support and friendship to boost his self-esteem.

Generally speaking people crave human connection, even those of us who cherish our alone time to recharge. Friendships are an important part of our lives and research shows that friendships benefit our mental and physical well-being. Friends can help us celebrate the good moments, while providing support during challenging times. Other benefits of friendship include: […]

5 Tips to Start the School Year Strong

5 Tips to Start the School Year Strong A woman wearing jeans and a black backpack leaning against a brick wall waiting for school to start.

Back to school can be a time of excitement and new experiences. It is also a time in which we undergo a lot of change. Change to our schedules, change in habits, change in interests, change in environment, change in people, and more. While change can bring about opportunities of reflection and growth, it also […]

Jean Taylor – Intern

Jean is Masters of Social Work student at Loyola University of Chicago.  She earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from Northwestern University, and also has a JD from University of Michigan.   Before starting her MSW program, Jean pursued a variety of careers, including practicing law, entrepreneurship, and working in admissions in higher education.  However, through […]

3 Ways to Maintain Social Connection this Summer

3 Ways to Maintain Social Connection this Summer A group of people using their cell phones on social media.

Back in May, the Surgeon General announced a national strategy on social connection, highlighting what many of us know intuitively and feel deep in our bones: staying connected to the world around us is what allows us to thrive physically and mentally, while loneliness and isolation can lead to negative outcomes.  Many of us have […]

Looking for full-time EMDR and/or Couples Psychotherapist

Job descriptionLooking for an LPC/LCPC, or LSW/LCSW who has completed their training requirements and has experience in practicing both in-person and virtual EMDR and/or Couples counseling. We currently have an abundance and waiting list for both of these specialties. It is likely that a therapist could have a full-time caseload within 2-3 months. Clinician must […]

Polyvagal Theory: Understanding and Mapping Our Own Nervous System

Polyvagal Theory: Understanding and Mapping Our Own Nervous System Woman meditating in a field at sunset.

“Fight, Flight, or Freeze.” Many of us have likely heard this phrase before, but what does it mean? Why do we respond in these ways? And why are we so often told to “take a breath” to help us calm down? While “Fight, Flight, or Freeze” has become a common phrase, what is rarely discussed […]

4 Reasons to Maintain Structure in Your Child’s Summer Schedule 

4 Reasons to Maintain Structure in Your Child’s Summer Schedule  A child is maintaining structure and routine by playing with markers on a wooden table during the summer.

Summer break is a great time for all things relaxation, family time, travel and simply taking a break. Your family’s normal routines might experience disruption, and while summer is a natural time to deviate from the structure of the school year, it’s important to maintain some normalcy in your week. Providing a balanced routine for […]

Taking Care of Yourself During Summertime 

Taking Care of Yourself During Summertime  A couple enjoying an outdoor mental health walk under a bridge during the summer.

Summer 2023 is right around the corner! The weather is starting to get warmer, the sun is beginning to shine brighter, and we are entering the time of year next month when millions of people will be out and about unlike any other time of the year. Summer is a time where many people can […]

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