Adam Lencioni

I discovered at a young age that many of us were never taught healthy and useful ways to overcome the mental, emotional, and relational obstacles that will inevitably challenge us throughout our lives. Since then my professional and academic careers have been dedicated to assisting others overcome their obstacles. I believe that everyone deserves a chance at a fulfilling life, and therapy offers a catalyst to that lasting change. It is well known that an important element to this process is a strong client-therapist relationship; I work to provide a safe and supportive environment where this relationship can be built and thrive. I work to integrate your personal interests and values to allow a much more effective and personalized experience. I provide psychotherapy to individuals and couples from diverse cultural backgrounds and with a wide variety of concerns, such as anxiety, depression, relationships, personal growth, college transition as well as grief/loss and addiction. Although I am flexible in my approach, I often utilize techniques stemming from evidence-based research, mindfulness, neuroscience, emotionally-focused and cognitive behavioral therapies. If you’re looking for more information please visit my website. There you can find more about services as well as my blog. Please feel free to contact me; I look forward to joining you on your journey.
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Special sliding scale rates for unemployed Chicago residents.