Adam Hill – Intern

Adam is a second-year Masters of Social Work student at Loyola University Chicago. He earned his BFA in Music-Voice Performance from Carnegie Mellon University.

Prior to beginning his graduate studies and joining the team at CFC Therapy Group, Adam had been endeavoring to discover his true passion. Working in a career in musical theatre, while also spending several years working in logistics and transportation, Adam has had wide-ranging experience in multiple industries. It is through these experiences that he uncovered his true passion for understanding human connection and the development of complex relationships. He also sharpened his skills in problem-solving and strategizing through the day-to-day and long-term pressures we all experience. 

Adam’s experience brings an intimate understanding of the journey of attaining balance and growth in one’s personal and professional life as well as the unique ups and downs that can come with a career in the arts and athletics. Successes, draw-backs, achievements, frustrations, and disappointments happen, and it is how we process and master these experiences and emotions that makes all the difference in our growth. 

Adam’s primary focus is supporting adolescents, young adults, and emerging adults, with a keen interest in working with athletes and artists.

Adam has professional experience working with individuals who do or have experienced anxiety, depression, addiction, life transitions, trauma, relationship issues, and everyday challenges. Adam utilizes an eclectic and collaborative approach via a strengths-based, psychodynamic, behavioral, and trauma-informed lens through the use of elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Adam’s goal with his clients is to guide them to discovering or re-discovering their worth and identity, support them on the path in being the best version of themselves, and empower them to act on life, instead of reacting to it.

Blogs by Adam Hill – Intern
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